What happens when I submit my “I Am the First” story?

When you submit your “I Am the First” story, it will go into a queue. The university will quickly confirm that it meets these¬†guidelines. Then, your news will be published and viewable Tusculum’s social media during First-Generation Week November 9-13.

Where will my story go?

Your First-Generation stories and your Tusculum stories are important. Each submission will be reviewed and published as promptly as possible. The exact length of time between posting your submission and seeing it on the site will vary.

  • Type in the year you graduated from Tusculum or type in "TU Community Member"
  • Tips for Recording Your "I Am the First" Video

    • Please record horizontally (landscape)!
    • No more than 30 seconds total
    • If you have a selfie stick or a phone stand/holder, you could use that to steady the phone (it does improve the quality). If you don't have this item, just try to hold your phone as steady as you can!
    • Be aware of your surroundings! (distracting decor, odd angles, more of your home or office than you want to share with the world)
    • Use the phrase "I am the First in my family to earn a bachelor's degree" or "I was the first in my family to earn a bachelor's degree."
    • Share specifically how meaningful it was for you to earn your degree as a first-generation student.
    • Share how Tusculum specifically is helping you or helped you as a student.
    • Share words of wisdom or encouragement to other first-generation students.
    • What advice would you give to a first-generation student?
    • Why are you proud to be a first-generation college student?
  • Drop files here or